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Your FAQs Answered

What is Hunt Club?

Hunt Club is a new category of search firm helping companies leverage the power of relationships and referrals to achieve a better hiring experience. We work with cutting-edge companies–across all sectors–to attract, keep and develop extraordinary leaders. Our proprietary technology transforms over 20,000 subject matter experts into the world’s most powerful talent network and drives engagement with the most qualified passive candidates. It's what helped us build terrific teams for over 1,000 companies including GoPuff, Dollar Shave Club, Pernod Ricard, Shipbob, G2, Upwork, Okta, Addepar, Pinterest, Terminus, AppsFlyer and many more.

Why did we create Hunt Club?

Hiring the next leader for your disruptive company or the next game-changing employee for your enterprise business is a top challenge for most founders and CEOs. Hunt Club grew out of the idea that most legacy recruitment firms struggle to understand how startups operate and function. Hunt Club’s network model and proprietary technology drive engagement with the most qualified passive candidates. Rather than rely on one recruiter’s network, Hunt Club powers thousands of CMO, VP of Sales, COO, and more networks, helping businesses land the best pre-vetted talent. Our trusted relationships with the best leaders ensure we deliver solutions to solve complex talent challenges–every time–so if you’re running a business, you can crush your hiring.

How does Hunt Club work?

At Hunt Club, we understand that when the right person introduces the right opportunity, at the right time, it’s the most powerful form of connection in business. For businesses, our dedicated team works with you to understand the role you are trying to fill. We then leverage our expansive network of six million candidates and over 20,000 experts and our team works to identify 80-100 of the best candidates from our network. Our proprietary technology automates the strength of the expert-candidate relationship, zeroing in on the very best introductions within 48 hours. We then present hiring teams with the top five to seven most qualified candidates. For Hunt Club Experts, we enable you to help your network - and you - find amazing career opportunities.

What different services does Hunt Club offer?

At Hunt Club, we work on many types of roles across several industries. We offer a full suite of service tiers to help you win the war on talent. Executive: Find your next business leader with Executive Search. We help companies build their senior leadership teams with the best executive talent. We’ve placed hundreds. of executive searches consisting of CMOs, CEOs, COOs, CROs and more through leveraging the largest curated network on relationships and referrals. Learn more here. Alliance: Let us take recruiting entirely off your hands and drive referrals seamlessly to scale your company, function or department. Let Hunt Club’s network of 20,000+ experts build your entire team from start to finish. Learn more here.

How are candidates referred through your talent network?

The business leaders and subject matter experts in Hunt Club’s Expert community want to help people in their network find great jobs. It’s what drives over 95% of the referrals that come in through our talent network. We’ve built a network of over 20,000 experts and access to over 7.8 million candidates to source for your role.

What kind of candidates can I hire through Hunt Club?

We help you hire for a wide range of roles, including those at the C-level, executive, VP, director, senior team, and mid-tier levels.

How does Hunt Club work with companies?

We’ve helped over 1,000 of the fastest-growing companies build their teams, including technology startups, series A-D companies and enterprise businesses undergoing digital transformation. Hunt Club works on everything from executive-level roles to Senior Manager roles to scaling your entire sales, marketing, operations, or other teams.

What roles do we specialize in?

While we’ve hired for just about every role, our sweet spot lies in marketing, finance, sales, people-operations, revenue-generating functions, and all executive-level roles.

What industries do we specialize in?

We place candidates in almost any industry but we truly specialize in marketing & advertising, financial services, e-commerce, fulfilment, software and IT, healthcare, telecommunications, food and technology.

How is Hunt Club different than other recruiting firms?

Hunt Club believes the best recruiters should leverage incentivized networks and the power of referrals. Many legacy firms struggle to understand the needs of today's disruptive companies. The technology they use, if any, is antiquated, creating an experience that leaves a lot to be desired. Hunt Club is able to find the best candidates and recruit passive talent through referrals to deliver a high-quality experience that scales with great dependability. Hunt Club is also the only provider that combines the power of relationships with a technology platform and best-in-class service. It's why 90% of clients who try Hunt Club partner with us again in 12 months.