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Trusted Introductions

Leverage the Full Value of Your Firm's Network

A secure platform to easily operationalize and optimize your firm’s collective network so you can easily make trusted introductions for founders and portfolio companies.  

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The Hunt Club Atlas Platform allows you to:

Win More Target Investments

Walk the talk: Bring more to the deal table and walk away with more key investments on your terms by delivering trusted introductions to top talent, vendors and business development opportunities. Prove how your firm’s network has the power to add distinct, measurable value to portfolio companies, differentiating your offering.  


Strengthen Your Competitive Edge

Great teams lead to great exits. Set your portfolio companies up to be success stories. Meet founders’ expectations by providing helpful introductions and guidance on how to drive innovation with capital efficiency.  

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Deliver on Your Promises and Build Credibility

Leverage your firm’s social capital by easily making meaningful, personalized introductions to portfolio companies, transforming those connections into their most valuable assets.

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