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On-demand Webinar

Varsity Tutors’ CMO Adam Weber Shares How to React During a Crisis

COVID-19 has created a massive experiment in working from home and at-home education. Suddenly, the workforce is remote and schools are closed. Many parents, families, and businesses are left with important questions and a lack of resources.

Adam Weber, CMO of Varsity Tutors and former CMO of Dollar Shave Club, and Nick Cromydas, CEO and Co-founder of Hunt Club, sit down to discuss adapting to market changes in the current environment.

In this webinar, Adam will share advice on reacting to a crisis -  including what it means for business strategy, hiring, and managing a remote workforce. 

You'll learn:

  • How to react during a crisis as a business leader
  • How to navigate the new work-from-home reality 
  • How to balance remote work and parenting in the age of COVID-19 

We will be taking Q&A for Nick and Adam at the end of the webinar. The recording will also be available to all registrants after the event.


Adam Weber
Adam Weber is best known for his time as the former Chief Marketing Officer at Dollar Shave Club, the first disruptor to the men’s shaving industry. Adam helped lead the company to a $1 billion exit to Unilever. 

In his current role as CMO of Varsity Tutors, Adam and his team are helping hundreds of thousands of students achieve their learning goals, and have facilitated over 4.5 million hours of live instruction. 

Nick Cromydas
Nick Cromydas is CEO and Co-founder of Hunt Club, a referral-based technology talent company, founded in 2014 and based in Chicago. Hunt Club helps businesses find the best high-level talent by utilizing proprietary technology that transforms thousands of subject matter experts into the world’s most powerful network.


On-demand Webinar

Varsity Tutors’ CMO Adam Weber Shares How to React During a Crisis

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