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Case Study

How Terminus Leveraged The Power of the Network to Find Their Chief Revenue Officer

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Case Study

How Terminus Leveraged The Power of the Network to Find Their Chief Revenue Officer


Terminus is the most powerful account-based platform on the market for acquisition, retention, and everything in between. Terminus has been on a quest to make B2B marketers’ jobs easier and their revenue higher. They work with thousands of customers who are using account-based marketing to drive incredible growth for their organizations.


With a mission to build the best-in-class ABM platform and community to empower B2B marketers to be heroes in their organizations, finding top talent across the company is critical.
Terminus recently brought in a new CEO, Tim Kopp, and he was looking to find his next revenue leader with incredible experience selling B2B SaaS-based products, scaling sales teams across the country, and driving significant revenue growth for the company.


Terminus had a long-standing relationship with Hunt Club. They trusted Hunt Club’s experience in executive search and hiring for revenue-generating roles. Partnering with Hunt Club for their CRO was the best solution.

Hunt Club’s talent strategist team leveraged the platform to quickly source and identify over 50 qualified candidates with sales leadership and revenue-generating experience, already pre-vetted from our network of over 10,000 business leaders. They screened the top 15 of those candidates and narrowed it down to the five very best that fit Terminus’s CROs profile.

Hunt Club presented Terminus with five top candidates in only 25 days. Terminus interviewed all five and hired one as their CRO. The top candidate who accepted the role was referred directly by an executive of a leading SaaS company and a member of the Hunt Club expert network. Because of the candidate’s close relationship with the referrer, he took the referral very seriously and the CRO role at Terminus became his top choice. It was a perfect match.

Kopp was thrilled to find a leader that has scaled businesses to $100M+ in revenue.

“Hunt Club helped me land a world-class CRO for Terminus in under 50 days. When it comes to finding top tier SaaS talent, I've partnered with Hunt Club for the last 3 years, and they always exceed the mark.”  - Tim Kopp, CEO, Terminus

Experts Leveraged

Referrals Generated

Candidates Introduced

Time to Hire

50 days

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