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Case Study

G2 Hires a VP of Sales to Lead Their Next-Generation Revenue Team

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Case Study

G2 Hires a VP of Sales to Lead Their Next-Generation Revenue Team

About G2

G2 is the world’s largest B2B tech marketplace where businesses go to discover and buy software. They are dedicated to changing the way companies research, buy, and manage their software and services.

G2's Goal

G2’s top priority was to hire a VP of Sales to lead and build out the next-generation revenue team. To find the perfect fit, Hunt Club focused on candidates with strong experience in selling SaaS-based products, scaling revenue, building successful partner relationships, and enterprise sales division management.

Hunt Club's Solution

Hunt Club leveraged over 60 referrals from our Expert network and quickly sourced 20 candidates with the experience G2 was looking for. After thoroughly vetting these candidates, we presented our top 5 recommendations for their VP of Sales.
G2’s favorite candidate was considering offers from multiple companies, but given the reference from one of our Experts, G2 became his #1 choice and the perfect match.

“Hunt Club has become our go-to partner for acquiring incredible talent across the entire organization. They dive in immediately to every part of the search as if they were part of our team.

Hunt Club has helped G2 hire many of our most talented and important team members and leaders and because of this, I recommend Hunt Club all the time to peer entrepreneurs. We look forward to a long-term partnership with Hunt Club.” - Godard Abel, CEO, G2

Experts Leveraged

Referrals Generated

Candidates Introduced

Time to Hire

45 days

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