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Case Study

Anytime Pediatrics Finds their Chief Technology Officer in Only 20 Days

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Case Study

Anytime Pediatrics Finds their Chief Technology Officer in Only 20 Days


Anytime Pediatrics is a part of Anytime Telehealth, a company committed to connecting patients to the healthcare providers they trust most – at any time and from anywhere – using its simple, affordable telehealth software solution. Anytime Pediatrics and Anytime Telehealth were founded in 2016 and 2018, respectively, by Dr. Mick Connors, MD, a long-time pediatrician and father of four who is passionate about the physician-patient relationship.


Anytime Pediatrics has seen tremendous growth over the past year and knew it was time to scale the company and expand its leadership team. They needed to find an experienced Chief Technology Officer to strategically lead the company’s tech growth and oversee the product and technology teams. After raising a seed round, it was the perfect time to bring on the right executives for the business.

“As our business continues to grow, we needed to expand our leadership team and ramp quickly. It was critical for us to find great talent that would be a perfect fit for the role, the company, and the culture."
- Mick Connors, Founder & CEO

Anytime Pediatrics tried to find top executive talent on their own but came up short. They turned to Hunt Club to take advantage of their extensive expert network, candidate platform, and past success placing executives at startups.


Hunt Club zeroed in on the critical requirements and experience for Anytime Pediatric’s Chief Technology Officer role. In less than a week, Hunt Club sourced 90 pre-vetted candidates, then screened 40 of those candidates to narrow the search.

Through a rigorous screening process, Hunt Club identified the six best candidates to present. Anytime Pediatrics interviewed all six of them and hired one, who is an absolutely perfect fit. The entire search was done in 20 days, which exceeded all of their expectations!

"Hunt Club’s process from start to finish was exceptional and I would give them my highest recommendation. Their talent strategist team was extremely thorough, effective, and efficient.

We landed a rockstar CTO in 20 days, all because of Hunt Club. We wouldn’t have found our candidate or any of the candidates they presented on our own. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Hunt Club.”
- Mick Connors, Founder & CEO

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Time to Hire

20 days

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