Who we are

Hunt Club was launched in the summer of 2015 with a simple premise: the best recruiters in the world have amazing networks that they’ve built, curated and nurtured for years. They call on that network when the right opportunity presents itself, for the right person, at the right time. When it’s done this way – it works. Really well.

What most technology companies in recruiting fail to realize when trying to “Disrupt recruiting” is that it takes meaningful human intervention to truly help connect the dots. Relationships create moments of opportunity for candidates and companies. Not a platform, algorithm or feature. With that in mind, we set out to create something different. Hunt Club leverages technology to unlock amazing, connected professionals who wouldn’t consider themselves recruiters. They’re connecters who know great talent and are happy to introduce companies with solid opportunities to people in their network.

Why did we create Hunt Club?

Today’s offline career marketplace is saturated by cold calls, impersonal messages, and great talent missing out on the right opportunity because of how the role is packaged & who it’s presented by. Today’s online & technology solutions are filled with disconnected networks & tools that neglect the importance & value of human connection. Referrals don’t work unless they’re meaningful. People don’t listen unless it’s from a trusted source. We believe there is a better way to connect the two. So we made it.

We’ve created a curated network of digital leaders to refer candidates for companies we partner with. We call them Influencers. Imagine needing external help hiring your next VP of Marketing. Instead of relying on an agency recruiter or external recruiter to source your next role (who may have never spent a single day in marketing), you can leverage a network of the most connected marketers, who have an exact pulse on who in their network is looking, and who is a fit based real experience and connection. We put the power of placement in the hands of those who intimately understand the role & have the network to find the best person.

What's in it for companies?

We crowdsource referrals for great talent, with a focus on senior business & product roles. Think your company’s next VP of Digital Marketing, Director of Product, Vice President of Revenue, Director of Media, CTO, Account Director, UX Designer, Product Manager, CTO, CRO, COO, CMO, VP of Business Development and more.

Once a role is entered into our system, our team and proprietary technology identify the best connections in our Influencer’s network for that role. Our Influencers then reach out and introduce the position to their friend or colleague if they believe it’s a good fit. If that candidate gets hired, both the Influencer (referrer) and candidate make a Pay-it-Forward Reward. We use amazing technology to facilitate this entire process. But it’s only a part of our business. The rest is very much powered by amazing people.