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Network Management

Build, Grow, and Navigate Your Network

Through a combination of technology and expert service, the Hunt Club Atlas platform delivers network management at scale. Visualize, monitor, and activate your collective influence by combining the power of your network with your portfolio company’s network. Leverage Hunt Club Atlas to easily source top talent and make the right business introductions on behalf of portfolio companies.


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Differentiate Your Firm's Offering Beyond Capital

find and win deals

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scale with talent drive revenue outperform competitors
Find & Win Deals Gain a Built-In Team Scale with Exclusive Talent Drive Revenue & Reputation Outperform Competitors
Connect with founders you want to invest in and prove the value of your network to potential portfolio companies by making valuable introductions.
Hunt Club Atlas is supported with Network Advisors who provide concierge services. From onboarding portfolio companies, to mapping networks, the platform is serviced to deliver ROI immediately.  
Network management enables you to easily make introductions to hard-to-reach talent, adding significant value to portfolio companies and accelerating hiring.
Consistently deliver more customer and business introductions to existing portfolio companies, building your reputation and scaling revenue for portcos.
Help your portfolio companies exit faster through stronger corp dev, advisor, and investor introductions. Strengthen relationships and deliver ROI. 


How Hunt Club Atlas Works

1: Map Your Network

Hunt Club Atlas quickly maps and visualizes your network with precision. 

  • Sync your entire firm’s collective contacts 
  • Map your organization’s connections
  • Understand where your network is most dense and where there are gaps
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2: Understand Your Influence

Identify opportunities and key connections to expand your atmosphere of influence.

  • See opportunities to matchmake and facilitate introductions
  • Learn how your firm’s contacts  are connected
  • Identify the strongest connections within your firm’s collective network
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3: Activate Relationships

Operationalize your social capital at scale. 

  • Request and deliver timely introductions by using our customizable email generator templates
  • Foster new and nurture existing relationships.
  • Build community based around subject matter experts
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4: Prove Your Value

Dynamically monitor your collective network in real time, helping to deliver on your promises.

  • Quantify the introductions made to each company
  • Identify ideal connections to fill gaps and strengthen portfolio companies
  • Win more deals by demonstrating the depth of your firm's network
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